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Lovely to have you in our store – stay awhile and wander around. EcoGiftsAndDecor is a US online boutique filled with an assortment of delightful eco-friendly homewares & gifts.


Buying eco home décor and gifts does not mean sacrificing style. Eco chic is what we are about! Each item here has been sourced by us with care – with a focus on stylish, high quality environmentally-friendly products.
At a minimum, eco-friendly products are non-toxic to both the environment and humans. Our eco items are made from recycled materials such as glass, metal, wood or plastic. Others have been made from sustainably grown or reclaimed timbers, natural fibers such as linen or cotton, or materials grown without harmful pesticides.
Ok, let’s face it - not that long ago, the word ‘eco-friendly’ conjured up thoughts of unstylish, rather ugly, items that were only for the super-alternative greenies of our world. Yes, the words eco-friendly and green have become buzz words of the century. But their importance cannot be ignored as we all face the challenges of keeping our planet and its people healthy.
Each of us can make even a small contribution to living more healthily and protecting our planet. And we can do that without compromising our desire for quality products that are aesthetically pleasing.
As Spring fills the air, check out our eco friendly jewelry - beautiful pieces all made in the USA. And maybe it’s time to update your bedding – we have a popular and gorgeous selection of natural fiber bedding.

Gift certificates are always a great option if you run out of ideas when choosing a present. Buy a certificate for your friend, loved one or colleague. We will email them the details within 24 hours. And they can select their own eco friendly item from our store.

We take pride in our customer service - so send us an email if you have any questions.


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Jute Rug | Mira

Jute Rug | Mira

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