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Gone are the days when greening your home meant sacrificing style. Eco chic is what we are about. Our online boutique offers you delightful eco-friendly gifts and home wares. Items that we have sourced with care to meet the growing trend for stylish, high quality environmentally friendly products.


Whatever item you buy from Eco Gifts and Decor, we want you to love it - with the added bonus of knowing it is earth-friendly. Decor and gifts that have been crafted from recycled, repurposed, natural, non-toxic or organic materials. A focus for March as we move into Spring: check out our eco friendly jewelry - beautiful pieces all made in the USA.

Each of us can make even a small contribution to living more healthily and protecting our planet. And we can do that without compromising our desire for quality products that are aesthetically pleasing.

Gift certificates are always a great option if you run out of ideas when choosing a present. Buy a certificate for your friend, loved one or colleague. We will email them the details within 24 hours. And they can select their own eco friendly item from our store.


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Jute Rug | Kilimanjaro

Jute Rug | Kilimanjaro

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